Wales Outdoors believe that we will be in lockdown through to the end of March. It’s possible that lockdown will last longer but at this stage who knows and who can predict? Certainly not any pundit I know and certainly not the governments of the United Kingdom.

Wales Outdoors however are planning for the future and for when we can get back to delivering walks to you lot of lovely outdoor adventurists 🙂

We have planned in walks, filling up the months of April, May and June. These walks are AMAZING! This programme is OUR BEST EVER!

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So, we urge you to book as you normally would. Prices inevitable have increased but we have committed to smaller groups (16 max) and have added additional benefits such as Wales Indoors, user galleries and user submitted walk resources and the Wales Outdoors Classroom. All of these benefits are free of charge and compliment our ever growing listing of discounted goods and memberships.

Our commitment is that if we have to bump a month we’ll to the best of our ability simply move it to the next free month, so if May is a no go, for example, it will be bumped to July or August. It’s the best we can come up with and a system that hopefully inspires confidence. Of course any walk booked if rescheduled can be held over as a credit for any other walk with Wales Outdoors.

So, do browse our walks and be inspired 🙂

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