Just a reminder that the meetup platform was not working for us for several reasons. Glitches with the systems are many and despite meetup making £££’s from organisers those glitches, admitted to and still remaining after several years, is simply just not good enough. One such glitch, and serious for us, is that on many events we simply did not know who was going to show up as meetup was not recording a fair few people who had paid and so who had booked. PayPal being the only payment portal with meetup became, as we entered lockdown, a serious issue for us and was the final straw. 

Suffice to say we took advantage of the lockdown and implemented new booking and payment systems. This means though that we regard meet-up as a marketing platform now and not as our booking portal. You will see that the ability to RSVP has been switched off. You can still comment on events and for the foreseeable future these comments will be seen and responded to. You can comment on events at the new Wales Outdoors events calendar though and there we also have members and groups and personal profiles pages for you to populate with your lovely faces, activity photos and ideas 🙂 

Therefore, we would like you to begin to move across to the Wales Outdoors website. Here are the links:

Events Calendar and Booking Portal – https://www.walesoutdoors.co.uk/tickets/

Go to the down arrow to the far right of the menu on desktop or menu bar on the right of your phone at https://www.walesoutdoors.co.uk and log in and have a play with the settings and options in the Wales Outdoors social zone. I’ll be blogging a step by step guide to getting set up and getting the most from this in house walking specific digital social space 🙂 

So remember, you can’t book using meetup, you can’t register using meetup. Meetup is for information only. Each event listed here has a link out at the top of it’s description to it’s equivalent at the Wales Outdoors booking area. It’s at Wales Outdoors that you can read a full description and see the location and make your booking. 

If it sounds complicated and you run into problems message Andy and he’ll guide you through. Look out for the step by step guide coming soon 🙂 

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