We’re rolling out some neat stuff that we’ve found useful at ViewRanger.

We’re waiting for an offer of a discount for Wales Outdoors members to subscribe with so don’t go downloading the app right now but suffice to say, we’re impressed and whether or not we get a carrot we will still be recommending that you get the ViewRanger App. We’ll obviously keep you posted on the ViewRanger incentive when we know more.

To come in the future:

These two features are available to subscribers at the Wales Outdoors SubscribeStar page

BuddyBeacon – when you get out for a solo walk we will act as your ‘buddy’ and track your progress and call the emergency services if you don’t call in and can’t be contacted at the end of your day

Wales Outdoors Walks – a growing library of all of the Wales Outdoors walks tracked as gps routes and with descriptions and photos

Here now:

At the start of each and every walk that Andy and any other walk leader that has the ViewRanger App leads we will initiate tracking and you can track the groups progress throughout the day. It’s just for fun but does have a bit of extra safety in there. Fun – you can track us or your friends can track you when you share the link to the Where Are We? page on a day you are out walking with us. Safety – In the unlikely event that all walking group members become lost then the last known position will be publicly available. Neat huh?

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