One of twelve post highlighting the best of 2020 – this is The Wales Outdoors Review of the Year!

Before lockdown kicked in we did manage to walk a few times, waterfalls and an away weekend to the Forest of Dean. This was a final hurrah before we froze in shock at the level of acquiescence to the draconian policies of the worlds governments.

Forest of Dean Gallery

The lockdown was no real surprise as this takeover by the elites has been planned for years and being somewhat of a political analyst I had had knowledge of the coming technocracy for perhaps twenty years or so. What shocked me most was not the excuse of Covid 19 to enact the long planned for societal change but the manner in which the general public quietly and willingly handed over their centuries fought for freedoms. The public then collectively rounded upon any voices of dissent in the most vicious and hysterical manner I’ve ever witnessed and the moves to remove alternative perspectives began in ernest with the total de-platforming across all social media for some.

Shocking stuff!


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