One of twelve post highlighting the best of 2020 – this is The Wales Outdoors Review of the Year!

We’ll, what can I say… we were in knee deep in the lockdown and people were acclimatising to the ‘three weeks to protect the NHS, to flatten the curve’ but then… it was extended… and again!

I was against lockdown from the get go but kept quiet, just in case, you know, just in case the governments of the world really did have the peoples best interest at heart. I know, how indulgent of me.

My first anti-lockdown post appeared on April 21st following reports of police behaving badly. I just had to say something.

And that’s it. Nothing else. Tumbleweed.

I was keeping myself busy of course. Getting rid of PayPal as a payment portal, downgrading our association with meetup, opening an online shop and looking at new booking systems, planning walks to begin from July 2020, re-scheduling all of our planned in walks, planning in holidays to entice those with lockdown blues… Plenty of work in fact.

I also turned Kates flat roof backyard extension into a Mediteranian style terrace and whilst at it refurbished, tidied and painted the walls and cleared and improved the garden…

Under house arrest I had never been busier!

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