As a follow up to Andy’s stunning 7lbs in 7 days weight loss post Wales Outdoors wanted to introduce a just for fun motivator for all those looking to increase their fitness levels in time for end of lockdown, in time for summer, in time for, well, the rest their lives…

But amazingly, given the wealth of apps out there, it’s a very difficult thing to achieve.

Yes, there are numerous apps that collate information from individuals and track their steps, record distance achieved in a day and indeed that have leaderboards.

But for Wales Outdoors to have a leaderboard of those invited by Wales Outdoors, so, you lot only, and for that leaderboard to be fed by different trackers, so withings, Fitbit, google, apple etc. AND for that service to be free, we have found to be an impossibility.

Yes, we can achieve this for a couple of hundred pounds a month, yes you read that correctly. This kind of team tracking is an expensive business.

So, we are not able to offer this just for fun motivator. Not yet.

This is therefore a BIG SHOUTOUT to you. Do you know of any FREE team step leaderboard apps? If so do email me and hopefully I’ll be able to get it all set up.

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