We decided that the Covid 19 lockdown was a fine excuse to get out and explore the bits of Cardiff nearby and to get in some good walks away form the crush of Cardiff’s population in Bute Park. 

I’ll post a few galleries from these explorations, this one being a mixed walk along the Ely Trail, through Leckwith Woods and onto Dinas Powys Woods before the return along the Ely Trail to the start point, all done without driving and mostly all on very quiet footpaths. 

Dinas Powys Gallery

The weather was amazing and that weather is due to return so likely we’ll be out and about again exploring another wander that will be added to the Wales Outdoors walking programme late on in the year as this walk was a surprise and deserving of becoming a regular event for the walking group. 

The woods are spectacular, the salmon leaps a delight and the views over Cardiff wonderful. 

It was this walk that led to my rant about landowners though – https://www.walesoutdoors.co.uk/walks/landowners/ – and whatever peoples opinions about the rights and wrongs of walking on footpaths during the Covid 19 crisis it is important to remember that the footpaths are ours by right and can only be closed by the local authority. The crisis is not an excuse to break the law. 

I think in total this was about 10 miles and when this walk is added to the programme it will be starting at Penarth Marina and will be a little less in distance and with only one short road section. 

Be Safe – Live Free!


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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