On a Saturday in November we gathered nearby Andy’s yacht at Penarth Marina and made our way over to the Customs House and onto the beach. From here we wandered to Penarth Pier and then up onto the cliff top and along to Lavernock Point. 

It was then onto Cosmeston Lakes and a cuppa in the cafe there. We then returned along the Sustrans cycle path which follows the course of a disused railway track all of the way back to Penarth. 

Penarth Gallery

This was a half day walk, 12 – 4pm, and designed for city dwellers and visitors to Cardiff alike. 

The idea is that we will be delivering more of these shorter in time but brisk in nature walks in the hope to encourage more to begin to get out with us and to be able to offer walks for those whose lifestyle means they really can’t afford a full day out on the hill. 

I’ll be writing about the awful town surfaces that we had to navigate, far more dangerous than any mountain environment, in a blog post sometime soon…

Join Us!


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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