Andy did it again! Just look at the weather!

Meeting by Ogmore Castle was a mistake – the river, due to a good deal of rain the previous week, was high and the stepping stones were not available and so the group made there way by car to Candleston Car Park and so to begin the walk from there.

This a an unusual day for us being a walk mostly through sand dunes, the second highest in Europe in fact. being only slightly undulating you would have expected this to be easy enough but the sand makes for a tough surface to walk upon and no wonder athletes have been coming here to train for generations.
With the sun, the breeze the ocean, the estuary, the dunes and the castles this walk had a good deal to offer and I think the photos show that all had a rather lovely day.

Merthyr Mawr Gallery

We finished the walk with a race down the ‘Big Dipper’, a large dune near the car park. We were well beaten by some local lads that we had befriended and who decided to join in 🙂

We’ll definitely be offering this walk again.

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  1. Excellent day out and about at one of my favourite places, Merthyr Mawr sand dunes. This was my walk with Andy but will not be my last. Met and talked to some lovely like minded people and we all had a lot of fun.

    1. Thank you Derrick and really am desperate to get out now… August for group walks I hope 🙂

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