Yes, it’s the amazing but delayed 2021 programme of events!

We did have walks scheduled in from January 3rd but then first Johnson then Drakeford issued their decrees and so the hard work of the Wales Outdoors team in developing the programme for the New Year was no more.

However, Andy has been hard at it and has re-scheduled many walks and designed the bare bones of the forthcoming programme and now it begins on March 31st, just before Easter 2021.

You can book any of our events by clicking on the Book Now! button to the right.

You can browse the walks and search availability of any individual walk by following this websites menu:

Wales Outdoors has set, for most walks in 2021, a limit of 16 people per walk. This is in line with our improvements to client experience and reflects the increase in price. No more large groups just sensible numbers that make for a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Wales Outdoors have redesigned the website experience and will continue to tweak the menu options. Do browse the site. There are some hidden gems such as the community and the discount and information pages.

Here is a gallery of some of the stuff that is coming in 2021:

2021 Gallery

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