I had to move my van from Canton to it’s store at Penarth Marina following the final elements of refitting it – a long journey into solar power and gas heating and sofa building. It’s done. My camper is now the best version of itself and the best van conversion I have ever worked on. It’s perfect for getting away in this weather that we are having and quite frustrating that that is not an option…

So, we took the opportunity, after parking up the van, to get out for a long walk with the pooch and it was off to Penarth and under the pier and along the beach and then cliff top to Lavernock Point. This retraces the steps that we trod with a group back in late November, in very different weather indeed!

Lavernock Gallery

At Lavernock Point we had lunch and remembered our wonderful residential on Flat Holm back in September as we gazed over the calm, for once, estuary. 

Then it was back to Penarth by the cycle route from Cosmeston and then back to Canton by the Ely Trail. This made for a mostly off road and relatively quiet circular route of some considerable length. 

What a fine day

Once we are back to ‘normal’ we will be delivering this walk as part of our series of walks starting from Cardiff that aim to have people explore locally, to reduce travelling times and to encourage those that don’t have access to a car to…

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