Just about a month ago and what a fine day out in the Brecon Beacons National Park and walking four Nuttall’s, peaks over 2000ft!

We had a lovely group made mostly of regulars and seasoned Wales Outdoors walkers and so the chat was about old times and future times and of course the splendid conditions on the day, cold, warm, sunny, snowy and of course the never to be forgotten hailstorm.

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Starting near Storey Arms we took an easy route to the tops and ticked off CCG and Fan Frynich in quick succession before following the Beacons Way over to Fan Llia. This is where we were caught in a very painful hailstorm.
Lunch was in the quarry just below the top of Fan Llia and it was cold…

After lunch it was a glorious walk along a lesser trod path and past some lovely small waterfalls and a river crossing, usually easy enough but due to the rain of the previous days a bit of an ask 😉

Fan Fawr was the final peak and here we gathered for photos before sliding down the hillside on our backsides for some considerable distance and with much cause for hilarity in the gathered adventurers.

What a fine day and one we’ll be repeating in the summer of 2021.


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