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Our third guest post by the amazing Lourdes Villalobos

We’re enjoying the great outdoors more than ever, but there are some considerations before you set off. As well as staying fresh on outdoor adventures, you also want to stay well protected from the elements. The right shoes and clothing are essential, but it’s not just about your outfit – it’s also about the parts of your body left exposed to the weather. And that’s where our tips come in, from choosing the best hand cream to keeping hands clean.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Moisturising your hands will help keep them smooth, hydrated and comfortable at all times. Remember to cover them in cream in the morning and at night at the very least, but you might also want to do so regularly throughout the day as well – after washing your hands is the perfect time (when you won’t need to wash them again very soon after). 

It’s also important to use a quality cream that’s specially designed for hands, as that will contain ingredients that target their particular needs. Choose a hand cream that works for you and your outdoor adventures.

Wear gloves

On cold, blustery days our hands can really take a pounding from the wind and freezing temperatures. However, it’s not just protection from cold weather that makes warm gloves a useful bit of kit. They’re also handy for limiting the number of things your skin comes into contact with too.

If you often take your smartphone out of your pocket while out on an adventure – whether to take a photo or check your location – choose a pair of gloves that works with screens, so you don’t have to remove them.

Take sanitiser

Caring for your hands involves keeping them clean too. We’re all pretty used to using hand sanitiser with us by now, but do you keep it with you when you go on outdoor adventures? Get a mini bottle to pop in your pocket, and then you can be sure you’ll be able to keep your hands hygienic whenever you need to.

Gates in particular at the kinds of touchpoints where you might want to consider applying sanitiser after touching. If you’re wearing gloves then you might choose to wash them after each outdoor adventure, especially if you’ve been in contact with high touch surfaces.

Turn down the temperature 

It’s tempting to get in a hot bath or shower after you’ve been outside (especially when it’s cold), but hot water isn’t actually the best thing for your hands. It strips your skin of natural oils, and that can leave your hands – and the rest of your body – more prone to dryness.

It’s better to have a warm shower, pat yourself dry (rather than rubbing, which causes too much friction on your hands and skin) and then slather on the moisturiser to hydrate and replenish all those nutrients.

Thank you Lourdes 🙂


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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