As things have been moving along apace we’ve been monitoring the developments and we’re now going to act decisively. Following our assertion that walking with Wales Outdoors would be going ahead this is now an untenable position. The advice that we need to isolate and avoid gatherings seems clear. We just don’t know why it’s taken so long, to close the schools for example. We are sure that the cafes and bars will be closing sometime soon…

Given the advice that peak virus will not be with us until mid May, when 95% of all infections will likely be taking place, it would seem sensible to assume that the Corona Virus will be disrupting our society until the end of August. 

Wales Outdoors are therefore re-scheduling ALL walks from now through to June 30th. Those walks scheduled in for July and August will be re-scheduled if the situation nearer that time demands. 

All walks planned in for March through to the end of June will be re-dated for September through to November – effectively we will be bumping the programme ‘as is’ to later in the year. 

In line with industry standard practice at this difficult time Wales Outdoors WILL NOT refund any payments made for walking events but will ask clients to try to make the re-arranged dates. If these are not suitable then a credit note for a similar event will be made available and this will be valid through the remaining months of 2020 and all of 2021.

Do continue walking and maintaining good levels of fitness and do send in your snaps of those ’empty’ hills – For those that can’t get out some armchair mountain gazing, we’re sure, will be much appreciated. 

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Our thoughts are with all of the friends we have made through this group

Andy and the Wales Outdoors team… 

Join Us!


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