“There is really almost no instance that we know of, of transmission occurring outside.”

SAGE (recently) and leading health professionals state there is close to ZERO risk of contracting Covid 19 in the outdoors. The CDC have been found to be exaggerating risk as have the UK Gov, through the pandemic and until now.

Wales Outdoors have always been of the opinion that the great outdoors was, is and remains to be safe and have throughout the pandemic argued for no lockdowns, for which there is no science and for which the evidence is clear… Lockdowns offer no lowering of the per head of population death rate but conversely have contributed to a growing number of could have been prevented deaths due to the NHS becoming the CovidHS.



With only a 37% chance of contracting Covid 19 from your partner the likelyhood of contracting Covid 19 from a stranger that you do not hug is ZERO. Indeed, prolonged contact is required to transfer the virus. This was made clear by medical professionals interviewed prior to lockdown one and across mainstream media such as the BBC’s Radio 4 news programming and broadsheet newspapers and outside of government propaganda continues to be the widely held view.

Wales Outdoors remains and will remain, no matter changes in legislation, rules or guidance, ‘Open For All’. Wales Outdoors will not close again unless forced to do so by UK or Welsh Gov prosecution. This is our line in the sand.

Furthermore Wales Outdoors will:

  1. not ask you to wear a mask on any of our events. We are in increasingly well informed company that knows that there is no science for masks and that masks of the flimsy paper type offer no perceivable risk benefit.
  2. not ask you to distance. We do that naturally and need no telling. In the main people keep one or two meters away from strangers and that is usually always the case on the hill.
  3. ask you to not share food or items of equipment with people who are not ‘in your bubble’.
  4. never ask to see a vaccine passport or digital or paper health certificate. Ever.

Join Us!


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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