Cancellation Policy

Wales Outdoors is a small business and we pride ourselves on not taking grant funding or any support from any agency to deliver our guided walk provision.

During these difficult times we have looked at our protocols and we will be implementing, from today and until the coronavirus crisis has abated or until we are instructed to stop, the following cancellation policy:

Wales Outdoors will continue to deliver it’s planned guided walks until we are informed not to. This is because most people joining us for a walk arrive in their own cars and we walk outdoors and not in close contact with each other. Where the advice applies we will avoid cafes, pubs and any other enclosed spaces.

In light of these difficult times and to ensure the sustainability of our walking provision we are amending our cancellation policy to the following:

Wales Outdoors will not give refunds for a place or places on any scheduled walks. We hope you understand and that you support the viability of a small local business.

We will not be listing any new walks until news of the slowing down of the spread of the virus is in hand.

If you have any questions please do ask away…

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