With no indication of the scope of the relaxing of lockdown rules due to be announced on Thursday I find myself in a state of heightened frustration, the reason being this…

Yes, it’s a mega weekend of sunny and guaranteed dry weather with a drop off of the recent high wind speeds ensuring fine summer days, day after day…

I’d very much like to get away for a long weekend in the camper van, spending a few days by the sea, walking, swimming, reading, relaxing. At the mo the sea is warm, the sand is warm and yes, the sun is hot!

I fear that the relaxation will not include overnights away but, you never know. And after all a camper van is self contained and I know of many quiet spots that would not bring me into close contact with others.

And so lets hope that the Welsh Ass see sense… There has been a trailing off of support for the restrictions with most now not wearing masks and many seen in parks in large groups or settled on the grass for a considerable time. The elites have been breaking the solidarity too, clearly demonstrated by Boris’ support for Dominic. But lets hope they see sense and follow old school medical advice of salt and sun to improve health and kill disease… ALL scientists and medical doctors would agree that a good dose of ultra violet kills virus’ and a dip in the briny is excellent for cleansing the skin.

So let us get out and about by the seaside this weekend. We will stay indoors if we feel ill (we’re not idiots or gluttons for punishment). We won’t, we promise, approach strangers and kiss them. There will be no coughing over the vulnerable. And I’m sure that if allowed to the beach we will see a further reduction in Covid cases.

Join Us!


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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