For bookings made prior to July 2020


We have historically made bookings and changes to those bookings and these details are kept by us on a manually maintained list. We will be removing all RSVP’s from Meetup so as to avoid confusion.

For bookings made from July 2020


We list events on Facebook but you need to click on the events ‘find tickets’ button to get to the live events listing and payment portal.


We list events on Meetup but you need to click on the link a the top of the event description to get to the live events listing and payment portal.


It’s at the Wales Outdoors website that you will find the live events listing and payment portal. It’s brighter and better than the Meetup events pages with links to walk leader contact details, google maps for the start point and we have, for logged in users, a My Bookings link which displays all of your upcoming events. When you book your name appears on the event page alongside the number of tickets purchased and you will receive an email confirmation and request to complete a ‘disclaimer’ form. At the bottom of the events page you will find a comments box and this is the place to discuss issue or ask questions about the event.

We hope you like the new system and support us through the transition from Meeup to our own bespoke service.

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