I went out for a jog in the heat of the day today. I need to keep fitness levels up in preparation for some mountaineering, one day, someday… And I came across some council workers at Blackweir Bridge which had me sending this to Cardiff City Council who it would appear, under the emergency powers legislation, rules, guidelines, whatever, failed in their duty of care to their workforce…

‘I was running past Blackweir Bridge at 1pm today and four council workers were removing the barriers that have been there since a month after lockdown. I stopped, asked if they were opening the bridge and they said no. I assume that the bridge will not be opened due to social distancing rules? How then is it that whilst working the men were rubbing shoulders and absolutely, and all four of them, not observing the two metres rule as laid down by the UK and doubled down on by the Welsh Government. It would appear that either there is one rule for one and… Or it would appear that as a council you have singularly failed in your duty of care over your workforce by not have oversight or training in place to ensure enforcement the 2m rule which I was led to believe is a legal requirement in the workplace in Wales. I have forwarded this to Mark Drakeford for his comments too.

Please explain why your workers were not observing the two metre rule and please go to the police and report yourself for acting outside of the legislation and gladly accept a fine for that.’

I await Cardiff City Councils and Mark Drakeford response which I will of course post here.

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