It’s likely that once all restrictions have been removed we’ll be offering dark skies evenings and looking at the firmament with wonder through a range of optical devices. This is a fulsome article to whet your appetite 🙂

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‘The stars truly are a magical presence, shining brightly in the sky every night. No matter where you live, you’ll be able to see the twinkling lights on a clear night’s sky. As we get older, we might start to wonder what we’re actually seeing as will strain our necks to find the loudest star. 

So, what exactly is a star? The birth of a star begins inside the nebulae, which is a hydrogen-based cloud of dust. As thousands of years pass, pockets of dense matter are created. However, as soon as these are created they have then been destroyed thanks to gravity. 

This is where the prostar is created and the star moves into its nascent phase. Over the coming years, the prostar becomes smaller and begins to spin faster, creating higher pressure and temperatures. This is called the Tauri phase, but this is very brief in relation.’


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