In order to continually enhance our provision, to provide USP’s that mark us out in the walking tour and professional guide marketplace and to provide you with days out that are educational as well as second to none we have developed the Wales Outdoors Classroom.

Why The Classroom

This optional series of courses and experiential learning opportunities are made available on most Wales Outdoors walks in order to add best value outcomes and importantly to ensure that there is no disruption to your ability to attend our scheduled walks. For example, during Wales’ second Covid 19 lockdown travel in and out of and across Wales was still permitted for education. Outdoor classrooms of up to 30 people were possible and people from England could have attended.

Why Me?

The Wales Outdoors Classroom builds upon the skills and resources that each leader brings to their guided walks and the leaders share these skills with those signed up and attending. The knowledge base will include an array of essential mountain craft skills as well as some peripheral learning such as food for walking and history associated with the hills. Each attendee then becomes proficient with individual skill sets until they have accrued the full Wales Outdoors Classroom portfolio. At this stage a certificate alongside a ‘Walk With Wales Outdoors For Three For Free’ pass will be awarded.

Your Future

As Wales Outdoors continues to expand its walking provision across Wales and into England we will look first to Wales Outdoors Classroom certificate holders to deliver new and established walks.

Wales Outdoors Classroom

At each Wales Outdoors walk or event there will be some discussion and often some practical demonstration of one or more topics. The topic/s choice will be dependent on the nature of the walk or event, the leader and the prevailing weather.

First Aid

  • Simple Injuries
  • Complex Injuries
  • Waiting For Help
  • First Aid Kit

Mountain Food

  • What Food
  • Spare Food
  • Foraged Food


  • Top Ten Foods To Forage In Wales
  • Definately DO NOT Eat
  • Environment
  • Re-Wilding

Mountain Kit

  • Clothing
  • Equipment
  • Top Tips
  • Camping
  • Trekking Poles

Mountain Safety

  • Buddy Beacon/Old School Note
  • Headtorch
  • Compass
  • Mobile Phone
  • Battery Pack
  • PLB?

Mountain Navigation

  • OS Map
  • Outdoor Active
  • Compass
  • Handrail Navigation
  • Aiming Off
  • Timing
  • Step Counting
  • Correcting Being Lost
  • Topography

River Safety

  • To Cross or Not To Cross
  • Assisting Someone In Difficulty

Camp Craft

  • Tent
  • Sleeping
  • Cooking
  • Environment
  • Fire


  • Multi Day Camping


  • Steep Ground
  • Escape Routes
  • Group Safety


  • Farmers Fields
  • Roads

Route Planning

  • Maps
  • For who?
  • Alternatives

Mountain Weather

  • Forecasting
  • Weather Apps
  • Bad Weather!

The Ocean

  • To Swim or Not To Swim
  • Tides
  • Managing Beach Days

Night Navigation

  • Track
  • Off Road
  • Micro
  • Safety

Group Work

  • Meet and Greet
  • All’s Well
  • Engagement
  • Goodbyes
  • Feedback


  • Magic Pole
  • Human Knot
  • Balance
  • Sight Collect


  • Adults
  • Children
  • Self


  • Phone
  • Camera
  • People
  • Sharing
  • Masterclass


  • Insurance
  • Trespass
  • Responsibility

Not An Exhaustive List…

and also a list that will be subject to revision. Wales Outdoors Classroom is not a nationally recognised qualification but it can form part of your personalised continuous learning and be included in your CPD file.

To gain the certificate and the associated free walks voucher you will need to show engagement with all categories but not full knowledge of each category item. Some categories are a series of brief chats and some are stand alone courses that would benefit from several days participation. Think of ‘Mountain Food’ as an example of a simple discussion and ‘Mountain Navigation’ as a day long course with subsequent practice and learning.

To register as a student in the Wales Outdoors Classroom simply join us in the community group Wales Outdoors Classroom. It’s a closed group so you’ll need to ask to join and when you’re let in you’ll be forwarded a checklist to assist you to complete your outdoors adventure learning!

Go Get Up-Skilling!