You may have noticed that we have a new team member…

Mali was adopted back in late November and is settling in well, learning our routines, creating new routines all of her own and being there to provide unconditional love and a very good excuse to take lots of exercise… man is she better behaved after having had a walk 🙂

Greyhound Rescue Wales has constant incoming and so needs a stream of new owners happy to take on these lovely animals.

Greyhounds are peculiar in that they are athletes but they are a little lazy and so a pure greyhound does not need as much exercise as you might think. Mali is a lurcher and so is better built for the walking we will be demanding of her at weekends.

In my experience young greyhounds are like any other dog, yes, they want to chase but this can be trained out of them. Older and ex hunting/racing greyhounds will be a bit more tricky on that front and so demand a more attentive owner.

They have cheeky personalities, once they feel at home and are comfortable exposing their true selves. All are thieves and will collect ‘toys’ such as shoes and socks and so if something is lost it’s look in the dogs bed first 🙂

If you’re about during the day and can offer some regular and long-ish walks please think about adopting a greyhound. And if you want a trial run do ask Andy or Kate for an hours ‘ownership’ of Mali on one of the upcoming Wales Outdoors walks.

Greyhound Rescue Wales


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