Sell Your Stuff!

EVERY ad will receive promotion via a blog post similar to this, will be available to view through the android app and will be promoted to both the meetup membership and the Facebook page, reaching up to 20,000 people who have expressed a keen interest in walking!

Mountain Navigation Training Course

He’s a Mountain Leader and has delivered many map and compass sessions, all to great acclaim 🙂 We will start at the beginning, in a cafe environment, and look at the basic uses of an Ordnance Survey Map, the standard map for hill walkers in the UK.

The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge

With other providers charging well over £200pp and that without accommodation we think our ‘budget’ Welsh Three Peaks Challenge from £0pp to £65pp is not only great value for money but a fine way to make some new friends and to gain the summits of three iconic Welsh mountains in a single day.