I’ve had my car broken into a couple of times and my van once. Never had them driven away but I know of people who have lost motorbikes and cars and boats… It’s a dangerous world out there if you’re a shiny vehicle…

My fuel card company have recently introduced a tracking device to their portfolio and I’ve got one. It takes seconds to fit and works with an app. My van is now with my garage for an MOT and I can see where it is on the app in real time! You can set a geofence which sends an alert to you if your vehicle moves outside of an easy to set boundaries area, like outside of your house.

I very much highly recommend this device and this company – I’ve been with them for years and they respond immediately with any issue or query. I do get a kick back for this promotion but I truly would have promoted this device in any case, kickback or no. I will get a £5 credit for each sign up so I’m not here to make my fortune, really just to share a great product.

The Atom, this is the device you’ll need to attach to your vehicles battery, costs: 6 month contract – £6.49 per device or 24 month contract – £5.49 per device. Both prices are monthly fees. That’s it, no sim, free and excellent app, plug in and play 🙂

Please contact Kayleigh at Kinesis at Kayleigh.Sanders@ukfuels.co.uk and quote ‘LA20’ in the subject line with your name and telephone number and Kayleigh will be in touch by phone to set up the service for you. The device will be with you within a couple of days.

I’ll be promoting more goods and services throughout the year. Most I get nothing in return, it’s just that I like the product or service. Please let me know about anything that you highly recommend and I’ll likely let all of the members of Wales Outdoors in on the secret!

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