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Lockdown is ending. Wales is opening up. July 6th sees us able to travel, without recrimination, further than five miles from our front doors. And July 6th sees Wales Outdoors taking full advantage of this and delivering a free walk to a small group of keen ‘adventurists’. 

I’ve left Instagram, I don’t post very much directly to Facebook anymore, I’ve moved away from Vimeo and YouTube to self hosting our content. I’ve even sacked off Paypal and in doing that I’ve had to ditch Meetup and set up my own booking system and payment portal. I gave up on Twitter a few years ago.

I’ve done all of this because I decided it was time to make a stand. After having had run-ins with Facebook and Google and Airbnb and Instagram, and after witnessing others being removed from platforms such as Twitter and Vimeo and Youtube I decided enough was very much enough. 

But it’s time consuming and it hurts and likely it is not good business sense. Hence, that’s why I’m here… But, so are others… And I find myself in the same camp as evils such as Unilever and Verizon but also a bedfellow of fine outdoor companies such as Patagonia and Arc’teryx. About time and I’m glad the big guns have finally listened to me 😉

Facebook made BBC Radio 4 News this morning with a campaign by many to stop advertising on that platform. This campaign doesn’t go far enough. Google need a dressing down too. In fact there needs to be a restructuring of the must have too big to fail internet resources and 100% in favour of the users. They can make or break a business, enhance or damage a life, win or loose an election… 

Anyways, this is a place for you to engage with Wales Outdoors, to support the work of pressuring tourism agencies and the adventure industry in Wales to do the right thing, to call out the inefficiencies and outright mismanagement by those agencies BUT also to celebrate the walks that Wales Outdoors deliver, the people we meet and befriend and of course to big up WALES!

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Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published