You’ve heard of that company ‘Get Your Guide’? Well, We’ve kinda copied them a little and have set up a bespoke guiding service and you can book a Wales Outdoors guide for your personalised adventure.

We’ll match the right guide for the job and all you need do is explain the day that you want and it will be provided 🙂


Here is the blurb…

Wales Outdoors have been delivering adventure activities and guided walks since the time of the dinosaurs, no, that’s not quite right, since 1995 is more like it… 

We have a great team of engaged and engaging professionals who are bursting with energy, energy to share thier love of the great outdoors and of Wales with you and your group.

We have over 28 years of experience in planning events for clubs, schools, friendship groups, companies, charities and families. And we always get 5 star feedback. 

This is a brief overview of our services but if there is something that you’d like that we don’t offer please still ask away…

  • Guided Walk
  • Guided Adventure Walk
  • Self Guided Walk
  • Expedition Training
  • Guided Expedition
  • Self Guided Expedition
  • Navigation Training
  • Bespoke Holidays In Wales
  • Bespoke Holidays Abroad

Contact us with your plan and we’ll get back with some options, a quote and a smile 🙂 or simply BOOK ONLINE NOW!


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published