I’ve only just gone and added another category to the blog, and yes, it’s called ‘Mysteries’.

I’m going occasionally to tell a tall tale, share a story, report on a strange occurrence. And I also want you to contribute. What did you see that had you looking twice, how was it that that thing just vanished, that you spotted a creature that should not have been there, that time when the hairs raised up on the back of your neck and you really wanted your mummy…

To get the juices flowing, whet the appetite and to have you girding your loins I think it best to start with the master of missing people in National Parks, David Paulides. His missing 411 project I have been following for about ten years now. It’s comprehensive and there is certainly something not quite right about them there hills…

David has written many books about those who go missing under mysterious circumstances. And there are lots of people unaccounted for or found in strange locations. I first caught wind of him on Coast 2 Coast AM and have read a book or two and regularly catch up with his videos.


David even has a couple of films on Prime, and they are pretty thought provoking.


So, tell people where you are going and cary a PLB. You never know when the strange might just occur and you are in dire need of rescue!

Here’s hoping we see you on the other side…

Join Us!


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