I’m going to keep this short but if you want shorter go get your FREE badge at the end of this post!

Whilst some have been on furlough and waiting patiently to see if their job would be there for them at the end of the covid crisis and while the small business owners that are the backbone of the UK economy are doing their damnedest to keep their heads above the sea of rules and laws that ebb and flow like a toxic ocean some with secure jobs in government have been developing yet another badge for tourism business’ to wear.

Here it is…

I’ve no idea what hurdles are in place for business’ to jump over to get one of these, maybe it’s an inspection, maybe a few boxes to tick on a form. But the audacity and condescension and absolute waste of public money at a time when that commodity for all is tight in the development and promotion of yet another insubstantial scheme is yet further evidence of abject mismanagement of public funds by government departments.

So I’ve decided to state the obvious, being a professional and someone who has been a loved small business for the past thirty years… Feel free to copy and use on your own website.

And as always… Join Us!


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