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Short moan today and related to the world I have been living in for the past week or so… WordPress plugins. For those of you that don’t own or build websites then this is no concern of yours and count yourself as highly fortunate! For me and many other bloggers and business owners who choose to use WordPress as our website platform we are both blessed and cursed.

The stand alone and simple set cup off the basic WordPress site is great and works well with many tweaks that can easily be made to customise it to your hearts content. But it is lacking in functionality and that is where the plugins come in. Coded by whoever they offer a world of additional functionality and design that really does take the design of your website to another level.

But there is a cost!

Despite the designers of plugins stating that they are simple to implement, effectively plug in and play, I have found that to be rarely the case. In fact I have found the implementation of simple things like mapping, a classifieds section, communities, SEO etc overwhelmingly time consuming and on many occasions I’ve deleted the plugin never to return.

Many of these are pay for services too and although I always get my money back if something doesn’t work I never get reparation for the waste of my time in messing about with that something that is far from perfect.

I always look at the ratings and am left confused as to how a plugin can be 4.5 out of 5 when it simply does not do what it is saying it does or the implementation requires coding experience. Ho hum… Moan over…

And I hope you like the site 🙂

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