Google rang me!

Yes… someone from google in Ireland, that tax haven that the giant tech companies so enjoy being based in, rang me.

I was astounded. It’s near impossible to chat to someone who has the training or power to assist you if you have a genuine problem with any of googles services. But here they were, reaching out? Really?

The google member of staff wanted to know if the Wales Outdoors address at The Gate was no more… Now, the interesting thing here is that the Wales Outdoors address at The Gate in Cardiff I removed from my google My Business listings some time ago. So, as far as google were concerned, the business owner had made a change months prior and they really ought not to have been able to see the old address. But they could and this is what they had tasked someone to do – to check the listing so that google maps displays the correct information. Now, highly commendable I guess but I was amazed google would employ someone to micro manage a removed google maps listing.

I queried this with the person on the phone, genuinely querying that they were actually from google, in disbelief that this much effort would be put into checking the removal of a listing by a business owner. The operator said yes, they were often asked about the ‘craziness’ of such investigations but that she was simply doing what she was told to do…

I would urge google to put similar effort into working with clients of theirs who have problems rather than cleaning up issues that really do not exist…


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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