Sent to Mark Drakeford’s office in response to their response to a complaint of mine. 

Hello Christopher Morgan,

Yes, very slow to respond and NO, not useful at all. It’s platitudes you have responded with and assertions wholly not based in the actual facts and science. Don’t try and continue to make use of the Kent variant, it’s such a feeble excuse for maintaining lockdown. I suggest you do some gathering of information from other than SAGE sources. And by the way…

SAGE say NO cases of transmission from gatherings outdoors. I said that back in April 2020… In fact SAGE were saying that back in March 2020 but for reasons that you will likely understand better than the wider public, they changed their advice to government in order to effect the policy outcomes, NOT because of evidence. 

The evidence that is clear is that lockdowns kill more people than the lives that they save. The blood of many are therefore, in part, on your hands due to your complicity in this ‘crisis’. 

I’m very much hoping that you and your colleagues in the Welsh Ass. will all be held to account for your criminality in this matter. Nuremberg Code trials could well be on the horizon. You personally cannot say you didn’t know or you were just doing your job. That doesn’t wash with war crimes or crimes against humanity and this is most certainly a crime against humanity that you and all in Welsh Government are perpetrating. 

Shame on you!

As an aside… It’s good to see the Cardiff parks totally full of people enjoying themselves in what sun there has been, playing team sports in large groups and NOT social distancing or wearing masks. You’re presiding over an administration that has criminalised just about EVERY citizen and when you have a population used to breaking the law you risk a slide into further criminality. And for that, I say, ‘good on them’, as your laws and rules are at odds with a decent and fair society.  

I will be resuming my business activities from March 27th. It would have been sooner but the confidence for people to book has not been there. 

I will be resuming my business activities NO MATTER what the Welsh Gov advice is. 

And this time round I WILL NOT be closing my business or cancelling ANYTHING that I have planned in, EVER AGAIN.


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published


  1. Reprehensible small-minded post. What self-righteous fool would publish this utter nonsense for all to see.. just wow. Honestly, grow up.. The shame, Andrew Lamb, is on you. Some of us have lost friends. Some of us are exceptionally vulnerable and have been shielding for most of the last year, not setting a foot outside their house so as to avoid the risk of catching the virus from people who may get infected by narcissistic know-it-alls like you. Your self-righteousness and selfishness is for all to see and wow, it’s ugly. You clearly only care about yourself.

    1. Hi Steve, thank you for commenting on my post. I do not stand alone. There are very many people who know that this ‘crisis’ in the least part has been badly handled and much more likely is a criminal act on a global and hitherto unseen scale. Did you actually read the post? SAGE, that is the UK Gov’s advisory committee, they say that there has not been an infection associated with outdoor gatherings ANYWHERE in the world!

      If you want actual evidence by concerned rather than scaremongering scientists then I think here is a good place to start –

      My self-righteousness is based in fact. What about yours?

      I fully support The Great Barrington Declaration (signatures for the GBD – concerned citizens 764,079. medical & public health scientists 13,796. medical practitioners 41,890) who’s policy was outlined to the UK Gov at the start of the crisis. This is to protect the vulnerable but allow all others to carry on creating wealth by maintaining the economy. The UK Gov have done a dismal job of protecting the vulnerable with. waves of deaths in care homes and amongst the elderly. What you appear to support is a total lockdown of everything and a nation living in fear in their houses and a crashed economy. Well, in part you have got that and now are you going to pay for it? Are you responsible for there being more deaths because of lockdown than saved by lockdown when all of this is over? Whose hands are the blood of those citizens on? Not mine for sure.

      You also might want to go look at Ivermectin. Whitty is an expert on this cheap and safe drug but has been very quiet about it… One has to wonder why…

      And if you’ve been staying indoors and shielding then that’s your choice and is for you. I and most of the UK population under 60 are not vulnerable but we have been forced to do similar. And we would have preferred to have resources pointed at you whilst we cracked on with living a life…

      What actual facts do you bring to the table here Steve? To continue this chat you need to do that, bring verifiable information rather than emotional knee jerk responses…

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