The signs they are a changing

For a good ling time we have been complaining about the signage in the Waterfalls Area of the Brecon Beacons National Park being both misleading and inadequate.

Finally someone has listened and there is in production new signage and this will replace the old and be placed, hopefully, in the relevant locations, enabling those out walking in the area to make informed decisions about route choice. We’ll be monitoring the position of these signs and will of course chase up Natural Resources Wales if they get things wrong.

This is the old sign which features prominently at just one end of the Dangerous Path.

This sign, we believe, was poorly designed. If you just look at the graphics and don’t read the text you could easily believe that the dangerous path is off to the left. It’s not. It’s straight on.

This sign will be replaced by this:

This is a much clearer sign and one that we hope will protect the NHS and will save lives.

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