Where Are The Voices

I am ashamed of the adventure and outdoor pursuits industry. Where are the voices of the leaders and advocates of walking the hills for physical and mental health, for the development of skills both physical and mental, group and individual? Since March 2020 there has been a kind of hush all over the world this and every night. And that hush it seems is broken by just a rare few voices.

I am one such voice. I have been outspoken, calling out the duplicity, the reliance on propaganda and scaremongering, the abject failure of the science to prove the efficacy of either masks or of lockdowns. And I have not been alone. And I stand by those others, those silenced voices, from Carl Heneghan to Naomi Wolf, from Mike Yeadon to James Delingpole who have questioned and criticised and offered up alternative approaches. And I stand by, no matter their political stance or their personal agendas, all of the lesser known or unknowns who have had their twitter and Facebook accounts closed down for daring to question the MSM narrative or to re-publish actual statistics first published by our very own government departments…

My colleagues in the industry have been complicit in this ongoing disaster for both adult and child health where they should have been as one, shouting for the great outdoors to NEVER have been closed and for outdoor education to have continued throughout whatever idiocy the government had in mind.

I said in May 2020 that there was no risk to anyone in group situations in the outdoors. This claim caused me a great deal of knee jerk response with Facebook warriors turning against me in their droves. I had to ban very many from my Facebook page. They didn’t want to know that following a half million people in Bournemouth on one day in July 2020 there was no spike in cases. And they still don’t want to know that there has been no rise in cases following millions marching in London to end the lockdowns and restrictions. But the Facebook attacks have stopped. I think people are turning, turning away from the government, and, looking a little more sideways, perhaps into their own behaviours and reactions.

As it happens Sage agreed that there is no danger outdoors, and that it had always been the case, just two months ago. The CDC followed suit just a month ago. Let’s be very clear…

There is NO RISK AT ALL to anyone in the outdoors in individual or in group situations.

I shall be developing a response to the ongoing lack of interest in working with the truth over the next couple of days and this will underpin a clear mission statement for Wales Outdoors, to be prominently displayed on the home page of the website. No-one should be under any illusion as to Wales Outdoors position regarding Covid 19, least of all the police and the Welsh Government.

I ask all outdoor activity business’ to do the same but moreover to make a public commitment to NEVER closing down again at the behest of a grey suited bureaucrat who is working to a plan that none of ‘us’ are party to. This is the only way that we get our lives back, by taking them back, and it’s the only way that we can maintain the benefit of our services to the wider public, many of whom depend upon us for company, for friendship, for personal development and of course for physical and mental health.

Join Us!


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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