I bought my third pair of muck boots a year ago. They haven’t had much use due to lockdown. And I’ve had cause to complain about them and Muckboot have basically said to me, and not politely, go away, swing for it, fu** off!

I’ve loved Muckboots. Expensive but generally long lasting and tough and warm. Muckboots are thick, walking boot soled wellington boots. They cost about a £120. So, as I’ve said, my current pair are my third, and last, being bought at the death of pair number two. You see, I was a fan. I was a lifetime customer.

But, the most recent pair fell to pieces at the heal, inside the boot. So the boot still looks great but a plastic stiffener is loose inside, cannot be removed and it digs into the ankle just above the heal. Painful. This renders the boot useless apart from the shortest of walks.

Muckboot refused to engage stating I had owned the boots for some time but my argument is that they are a £120 pair of wellies and they should certainly be good to go for five years or more, not just for a rather quiet and not much used year.

So, I was thinking of a small claim but I have bigger fish to fry at the mo and life is too short. But, The Muckboot Co. go onto my list of companies that I will actively ‘un-promote’, that will be on list that I every now and then share as business’ that you really ought not support.

Join Us!

P.S. Please send in your business’ to avoid with a short description as to why! I’ll add them to my list 🙂


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