I asked for £100,000 and a 20 year lease to improve and make fit for purpose Kenfig Pool. Of course it was tongue in cheek with the point being get your finger out and fix the paths and refresh the visitor centre and open the cafe and the loos so that income can be generated at the site.

The trust responded with this

‘We are aware of the condition that BCBC left the reserve and the centre building, we are working to address this with plans in place for 2021 to upgrade the building allowing for it to be used for a variety of purposes. Regarding the management of the reserve, we are currently in the process of employing our own skilled team to run and manage the reserve. This working is being carried out with the support of NRW to ensure the restoration of dunes.’

This was my response to that…

‘Well, as I thought. I must say the disgrace that it is Kenfig Pool and its associated facilities is wholly, it would seem, the trusts responsibility and so I assume that improvements will not be made in the near or distant future. You’ve had the opportunity to make this an outstanding location for visitors and have quite clearly and over VERY MANY years, failed. Shame on your trust for it’s dire mismanagement of this glorious location.’

Why was I so damning? Based on the available accounts, publicly available, the trust have oodles of cash in the bank to be able to push towards the restoration of Kenfig Pools.

Between 19/02/2015 and 19/02/2019 the trust amassed £136,890. Based on the trend I would assume that over the past couple of years, and also due to covid restrictions, they’ve added a further £100,000 or more to that total. Who knows where their income comes from or what they are spending money on as those details are not available and the trust would not divulge them to me.

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