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I don’t want to live in a world of micro wave energy. I think 5G is a step too far and certainly this global space network is something that we have not been consulted about. Elon Musk is not a visionary. He’s an ego driven futurist who’s business has been, for some reason, consistently supported by the US Government (conspiracy theorists please note) who wants us all to live in ‘his’ future.

I don’t want to live within somebody else’s vision but it would appear that we have no choice… It’s all about capitalism and maintaining, year on year, increasing GDP. This stands 100% opposed to the stated aims of governments and institutions to ‘save the planet’.

The big question here though is who owns space? Can I, if I had the cash, launch a satellite? Could I, like Amazon have, attempt to purchase the sky? And as the application SpaceX have made for the satellites was in the US surely the Space X satellites should only hover over the US (of course that’s an impossibility). But then who gives permission for UK skies to have SpaceX satellites streaming across the UK firmament each and every night… I assume there is a global satellite agreement of some kind that the UK, in our names, has signed up to…

Oh well, looks like the skies will never EVER be the same again…


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