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Oh my, what a sorry tale of poor customer service, fraud, complicity in criminality and absolute disregard for the visitor to Cardiff by Trip Advisor and Cardiff Council…

The long and unfortunately ongoing dispute I have with Cardiff Sea Safaris and TripAdvisor has expanded to include Cardiff Council, in particular the Harbour Masters Office.

I was contacted by a whistle blower who told me Cardiff Sea Safaris were back, up and running and ready for the new season, once lockdown is lifted. I went to the TripAdvisor page for Sea Safaris and despite being told by TripdAvisor back in February that they had closed the account it was still there and open and still in receipt of a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence! I complained but with no satisfactory resolution, just social media giant speak of we don’t disclose…

I contacted the Harbour Masters office and nothing, so I chased and was called back. The person I spoke to knew nothing of the troubles I had been having or of the appalling feedback Sea Safaris had received and told me that they would look into my complaints and get the Harbour Master to call me… Nothing… I chased and received an email from the Harbour Master telling me nothing that I already didn’t know and directing me to Sea Safaris for clarification.

I have asked the Harbour Master to answer the following questions and have been waiting for an answer to these for some time now:

How did the Harbour Master not know of Cardiff Sea Safaris going bankrupt?

How did a licence get issued to Cardiff Sea Safaris for this season?

How did the Harbour Master not know about the name change from Sea Safaris to Jet?

Has Sea Safaris been sold and is it therefore in new ownership and if so how is it the Harbour Master did not know about this especially when issuing a licence to operate?

If it is in new ownership can we be sure that that is actually the case is not ownership transferred to a friend or relation?

Who are ’the guys’ running the business on a day to day basis?

It would appear that Cardiff Council are very happy to both recommend and issue licences to companies that defraud clients and damage Cardiff’s reputation as a tourism destination.

Sea Safaris it seems have changed their name to Cardiff Jet. I believe this is to remove the association with the bad publicity gained by running off with lots of peoples money. This is what I know…

The Harbour Masters office in Cardiff Bay know NOTHING about Cardiff Jet and have not supplied them with a license and were under the impression that Cardiff Sea Safaris are still in operation. Twitter have suspended the Cardiff Jet twitter account, they have no fb or viable instagram and the TripAdvisor they have is the Sea Safaris account but with the name change to Cardiff Jet. There is a new website titled Cardiff Jet (auto directed to from Cardiff Sea Safaris) which have the same images that Cardiff Sea Safaris used for promotion, have the same boat pictured, they are based at the same location in Cardiff Bay but that location on google maps is shown as another boat company, Cardiff Cruises.

I would therefore be ver wary of accepting any assertion by Cardiff Jet that they are a separate and new company without any association with Cardiff Sea Safaris. They appear to be a very suspicious company and I think the only source of the true nature of Cardiff Jet would be the Harbourmasters office, although, currently, I am struggling to get accurate information from them at this time. Big surprise there then…

So, TripAdvisor is 100% un-trustworthy and Cardiff Council have gone no way to assist me to get to the bottom of this investigation and so protect tourism business’ and clients in Cardiff Bay. Shame on both of them…

I will be happy to remove this blog post if I receive from Cardiff Jet or from the Harbour Master evidence that Cardiff Jet is a completely new company with no association with Cardiff Sea Safaris.


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