Following on from previous correspondence with the inefficient and invisible Cardiff Council:

Did you read my emails Deborah?

I know the works are completed on the Ely Trail
I have not heard anything back about the Caerau footpaths
Waste collection across Cardiff REMAINS a disgrace with full bins everywhere I go and at all times. 
No explanation of my being lied to re Thompsons and no explanation of the idoiocy of closing a park several hours PRIOR to dusk
As for the road closure, no explanation of the time taken for a response. How many months is that?

These were the specific points I asked for explanation of:

1. No explanation of appalling state of affairs re footpaths and signage in Caerau
2. I was lied to re Thompsons Park. You can deny that but I know that a council official wrote to me stating recent antisocial behaviour was the reason for closing the park at night time and when I queried that I was told that there had been only two notification of anti social behaviour and they were in April.
3. I was lied to re the Ely Trail. If as I had been assured, the trail was walked a few times a year and inspected for faults, why then was SO MUCH safety work needed to be undertaken and AT MY INSISTENCE. Either it’s walked and the person tasked to do so was not actually doing their job OR it was not walked… 
4. Why is there a history of my complaining and the council not responding. You need people to engage and point out faults so that you can action remedies. By ignoring multiple complaints and only responding when the threat of court action is mentioned beneficial to no one.

The reason why I threatened Huw Thomas with a personal claim in Cardiff Courts was out of exasperation at my failed attempts to bring attention to the failings of the council in dealing with members of the public. 

You have not addressed my concerns as you have not addressed the key issues, those of a failed customer communication system and worse still you have demonstrated a desire to close ranks and deny all liability or indeed deny any failings whatsoever. 

Please answer in general the items in this email labeled 1. through to 4.
In particular play close attention to Cardiff Council not responding to genuine enquiries through it’s website complaints form. 

Cardiff Council ought to be thanking me for my work done in bringing to it’s attention the appalling security at the Ely Trail and the A4232 which could have , un-remedied, led to very many deaths and highways and council liability. Had I not pursued this item with a passion NOTHING would have been done. It is in your interests to LISTEN to the public. Indeed, you work for the public. You are public servants. Please remember that. 

Finally, please have it on notice that if I ever have to write to the council again I will wait for a response and if a response is not forthcoming I will without recourse to any further attempt at communication submit a small claim in Cardiff Courts against the person of the head of the council. 


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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