THE MONDAY MOAN – A once a week spot for us to moan about the stuff that perhaps we should all be moaning about that little bit more… showed up on my Facebook feed.

I believe we should all stand against this level of advertising spending by our governments. They are not a business selling products. People will naturally access their services if and when they need them.

I clicked on the link after seeing the advert as I wanted to find out more about the ‘assistance’ that they can provide, not because I want to access their services but because I want to confirm to myself that the assistance is there to maintain some ’empires’ built within the Welsh Government. I got this…

The Welsh Government are offering, at taxpayers expense, these three ‘essential’ business support services:

a) Wellbeing Support
b) Employer Advice
c) Business Review

To be absolutely honest, if you need to go to the Welsh Government for a few leaflets and platitudes or for your wellbeing as a small business owner then I think you really ought not be in business at all.

What UTTER idiocy! We should be collectively forcing the Welsh Government to streamline it’s provision and so offer ONLY essential services at a greatly reduced cost in taxation to the ‘customer’.

The best support that the Welsh Government could give to Wales Outdoors is to step aside from management and interference of tourism promotion and provision in Wales and to allow the industry to deliver those services directly.There would be most certainly a huge cost benefit alongside a huge increase in business.

Did you read that the Welsh Government removed all guided walks from Visit Wales when I queried why Wales Outdoors was not being listed? Now the main attractor for tourists to Wales, mountain walking, has no window in the Welsh Government owned tourism portal for Wales. If that’s the level of unsupportable mismanagement of a business product why then would any right minded person go to the same for advice?

Please read the comments on this video on the Facebook post. They are hilarious and rather sad at the same time…


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