My message to Airbnb:

Not good enough. You messaged me on 14th saying I had a booking. I planned accordingly. You messaged me on the 15th, just a couple of hours prior to the start of the event and cancelled the booking despite me being available and the client willing to continue. I reached out to you and your staff picked up on that but then closed the chat before any resolution could be reached and then I waited 12 hours for a response and a full three days for you to respond as above. 

I therefore expect a credit to my bank of £49.60 being loss of income from this.

If you refuse to do this I WILL make a small claim in Cardiff Courts against Airbnb for this amount PLUS my time in this matter at £25 per hour PLUS costs in the case. 

You are morally wrong in this and I know that you know that. I did my job and you, once again, did not do yours, resulting in the great disappointment of a client of ours and the loss of income to me resulting from your poor administration and staff customer help department.

I look forwards to your positive response in this matter in due course.

What next?

I’ll wait for the response and will copy it in here.

Damn these internet companies. They talk the talk but they certainly do not walk the walk…

Join Us!


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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  1. Unfortunately Airbnb closed down the discussion and the only option is to take them to court and this would need to be in Eire as they are an internet tax evading company. A small claim in Cardiff Courts, something I would have done, is not an available option.

    What scum the companies of the internet are…

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