It is mine. I’m waiting for an Easter delivery of this basic but well designed piece of kit and then my smartphone becomes something akin to an iPod Touch.

I was looking for mobile phone alternatives that emite less radiation, that have an e-ink screen and that offer up no ongoing distractions, so, effectively, just a phone and a music player and something that is able to tether to. After all I have an iPad for more comfortable than any phone browsing.

So my current phone is the amazing Mi 9 by Xiaomi. The Mi 11 is out this month but I’m not tempted. I run map apps and have a browser (that I rarely make use of) and it’s good for calls, texts and mobile banking. Oh, and it has a great camera.

When my Mudita Pure arrives it will become my phone. I’ll be able to make calls and send texts and I’ll be able to store music. It doesn’t have internet although you can use the Pure to tether to your laptop or iPad so that big screen browsing and work can be undertaken remotely.

My Mi 9 then becomes my mountain companion, there for the photos and for the mapping. All work takes place on the iPad or the desktop.

Think about that…

Never on ‘always available’, never a distraction by an incoming notification…

When I sold my house and moved into my van I de-cluttered my life but technology reintroduced clutter and it’s invasive and pervasive nature simply must go.

You note I do not have any social media on my current phone. This has improved my life oh so much. If you don’t think the Mudita Pure is for you I highly recommend deleting your social media from your phone. Within a week I promise you’ll thank me for that advice.

Camping trips will now be with the Mudita Pure and my iPad (mini) and I’ll happily walk through the day with no distractions and feel that an hour in the evening is good for catch up and answering emails. That is what life should be like. Connected but in a way that permits ones humanity to shine.

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