That got your attention! And of course, we’d never do that. But… and I hope you don’t think this a mean post, but I think it needs saying…


Please be aware of your own ability and fitness and if you struggle on difficult ground or don’t usually walk further than a couple of miles then please don’t book onto a 12 mile mountain day.

We have rarely had to have words with clients but there have been a couple of occasions where we’ve asked the person to leave the group and take a short cut back. This is because the person was not fit enough for the day or had an injury that effected their performance. Usually it is clear that they were not enjoying the walk and were in turn diminishing the experience for the others out with us.

Of course we advise heading back only in the most extreme of cases and in the main we get everyone through the day as one group.


It’s definitely worth reading the small print – we have tried to make this as user friendly and as fair to all involved is possible. Please note that we advise you to take out a personal accident policy that includes walking in the great outdoors. Please note the we no longer offer refunds but we do offer a credit for any future equivalent event.


So, we won’t leave you behind but we might, in extreme circumstances, ask you to make a safe detour that shortens your day and makes it more comfortable for you.


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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