From £55 a year you can have an insurance policy that will cover you for walking and a range of activities in the UK. We recommend that you take out one of these.

Why? Well, it’s not for the personal liability or the disablement or death pay outs, but for the income protection. Nothing else will adequately cover you for this! Some walk leaders have liability protection but this is effectively for them, protecting them against claims, enabling them to defend claims with a paid for legal team. To win a payout against a walk leader you would need to win a liability case and in our business model this would be near impossible as we are walking on public footpaths and you are an adult making your personal choice to walk with us. Some leaders don’t have liability insurance and so are effectively ‘men of straw’ with no likely success in any claim for any walker choosing to make such even if a case were won. 

The personal activity insurance policy will guarantee a weekly income of your choosing and so is an excellent ‘peace of mind’ policy for those that are self employed or who have employers with limited support for employees who are ill or who suffer an injury. 

This is not an advert. We do not make any commission from supplying this link and this link is for one of many suppliers of such policies. Please google search for more and compare prices and services. This is simply a recommendation based on many years of working within the activity industry in the UK and on our knowledge of the activity insurance sector. 


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