This post is for smartphone owners only.

Do not rely upon your phone for mapping. Your phone will fail when out of battery, when wet and when cold… Take a paper backup with you an all trips to the hills.

Links are all desktop – the apps are all available in your App Store. All come highly recommended so get them!

viewranger – my go to app – why? because it works, it has good customer support and it does the stuff that strata or wikiloks does BUT with OS Maps as a paid for option.

maps.me – my go to stripped down map app. Not cluttered, easy to read and follow and FREE!

OS Maps – The professionals choice but now viewranger have this at the same price it seems a no brainer to go there…

strava – The runners and cyclists choice – used by Martin 🙂

wikiloc – The Walkers choice – used by Al


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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