Men come fully equipped

Yes, with a hose attached and so ‘taking a leak’ whilst wandering the woods, the hills, the craggy mountain tops and even the golden sands of Wales’ fantastic beaches is a relatively simple thing. Look for some modicum of isolation, unzip, manipulate and pee for relief.

Women however have no ‘hose’ and so the act of peeing, even in lesser populated areas, becomes fraught with vulnerability and social stigma. A man can get away with a wild pee in a city, if finding the right spot and moving along quickly whereas a woman will struggle with the same. And it’s not just about vulnerability, it’s the difficulty. A female mountaineer in winter will likely have knickers, thermal tights, trousers and waterproof trousers and so getting free from all of that and with dignity can be rather difficult.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

And here is the solution, a solution that has been available for some time and a solution that we note many women admit to owning but NEVER using… At least we’ve never observed a woman in the wild in full flow, standing and with she wee in hand…

So, instead of not drinking a great deal for fear of having to get your buttocks out how about drinking whatever you need (most headaches at the end of a days walking are caused by de-hydration) and going for a standing pee?

Wales Outdoors offer a big up to the ‘She Wee’

THE ORIGINAL – Female Urination Device since 1999, accept no imitations!

DON’T SQUAT – Stand up and take control, and avoid the filthy festival portable loos, and grim public toilets! Ideal for traffic jams, festivals, women in the military and MUCH more!

DISCREETLY & EASILY – Have a wee whenever, and wherever you need to, without removing your clothing or underwear. Simply unzip and go!

REUSABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighs in at just 100g, made from recyclable Polypropelene. Use your extension pipe when wearing bulky clothing and keep it in your carry case.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – Practice in the shower before taking your Shewee on the road! Dimensions: 170mm x 35mm (unit), 190mm x 60mm(case), 150mm x 20mm (pipe)

Use your SHEWEE for:

– Camping
– Long car journeys – traffic jams!
– Travelling 
– Festivals
– Cycling
– Climbing 
– Skiing
– Dirty toilets
– Post surgery
– Sports injuries
– Pregnancy
– Armed forces 
– Sailing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing
– Mobility impaired
– Policewomen
… the list is endless! 

The SHEWEE Extreme is lightweight, discreet, and NATO approved, take your SHEWEE everywhere! It’s reusable, and can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water, but don’t worry about cleaning it on the go, simply shake off the excess liquid, as the Shewee repels water. It is made from Polypropylene which is recyclable. 

Make toilet dilemmas a thing of the past with SHEWEE.

Wales Outdoor also recommend…

a pair of She Wee compatible knickers. That has to make sense.

Wales Outdoors will have a She Wee available on all walks and the Wales Outdoors She Wee will be on hire to discerning ladies for just £1 a pee (user rinses the device after use) 😉

Join Us!


Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published

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