Kate bought me a pair of Hoka Speedgoat 4 (£125 delivered in a. couple of days too your door) and after one day of wearing them in the house I went on a two night excursion taking in 58 miles within 44 hours.

That’s hard punishment for feet!

The reason for going for walking trainers is simple. Walking boots are not designed for long distance walking. And I needed to get some long distance walking in to regain my fitness of years gone past following a year of enforced house arrest courtesy of the covids.

Comfortable from the get go, with a rolling gate that is most pleasing, highly breathable and exceptionally grippy, these shoes turned out to be the best walking buy for quite some time.


Thank you Kate!

And so, without fear or favour, I recommend these for all low level and long distance walks. They will also be good for most mountain days where a light pack is being carried and dry ground is expected. Wet walking on mountains with heavy packs always have to be good quality walking boots.

If you’ve got kit you love please do send a short description and reasons why and a photo and I’ll blog it out to the Wales Outdoors Community! Just email details to info@walesoutdoors.co.uk

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