This is a guided walking expedition in wonderful Knoydart. Knoydart is regarded as the most difficult walking in the UK – but man – is it worth it!

£200 cheaper than our competitors such as Large Outdoors and we include/arrange transport from South Wales within that cheaper price… Go grab a Scottish bargain! Price includes transport from Cardiff and all accommodation but not food.

A near enough fly through of the Knoydart expedition…

We will drive up half way on the first evening, usually a Sunday, and then midday on the second day, usually Monday, we’ll begin our trip – this is the itinerary:

1 – 8pm – Drive – Travelodge accommodation
2 – Drive – Walk into Barrisdale and stay in the bothy
3 – An easy day walking into Inverie. Stay in the hostel
4 – Inverie and the peaks around it. Stay in the hostel
5 – Walk coast or track to stay in Sourlies bothy
6 – BIG walk from Sourlies bothy back to the start point and drive – Travelodge accommodation
7 – Drive – 4pm

TRAVEL – Initially limited to four clients plus Andy (one car load) this event can be increased in number to a maximum group size of nine clients if we find another driver or go for a small minibus. If you have a seven seater and are willing to drive then you can come along free of any other charges…

Knoydart Gallery

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