We are a community of wonderful people, meeting up on a regular basis for walks and adventure. The team are entertaining and engaging and the members and occasional visitors to our provision maintain regular contact with Wales Outdoors through our online presence.

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Our very own social media platform was born out of our frustration and anger with the mainstream social media companies stealing of data, of content and their inability to engage and put things right when they went wrong. We believe that ALL mainstream social media is ‘bad’, evil if you like. We de-platformed ourselves from all but Facebook and now all of our Facebook posts begin within our own social architecture, meaning that Facebook get a couple of words and a link back to us. Facebook will never sell our data or our content as their really is none to sell…

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This optional series of courses and experiential learning opportunities are made available on most Wales Outdoors walks in order to add best value outcomes and importantly to ensure that there is no disruption to your ability to attend our scheduled walks. For example, during Wales’ second Covid 19 lockdown travel in and out of and across Wales was still permitted for education. Outdoor classrooms of up to 30 people were possible and people from England could have attended.

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A simple site set up by us but for you. A place where you can upload a few pics and a short description of your favourite walks for others to dip into. You can use it as a place to visit to get inspiration for your next day out in Wales 🙂

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‘outdooractive’ is the European version and we think likely the ‘new home’ for ‘viewranger’. Wales Outdoors have been so impressed by outdooractive that we’ve deleted the viewranger app and now work only with the outdooractive app. Furthermore we’ve been chatting to those fine adventurers at outdooractive and have negotiated a membership discount for you, the Wales Outdoors fans!

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Wales Outdoors is all well and good at the weekends or for the occasional Wonderful Wednesday but what about for when you’re in lockdown? Well, during the second lockdown in Wales caused by the Covid 19 Crisis we developed Wales Indoors. All the adventure but from your armchair! We only activate Wales Indoors when the government overreach and impose totalitarian dictate restricting our movements. See you at the next lockdown!

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It’s a space to showcase your VERY BEST photos. We have set up a Wales Outdoors User Gallery and you can upload to a range of gallery categories up to 50 photos. We’ll expand this number by request, if your first twenty are of high enough merit 😉 Share photos, talk photography, share your kit preferences, your photographers site or pages and/or your social media links.

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