Dom is Back!

Londoners will be gurning from ear to ear with the news that Dom is back from his most recent ‘Up North’ tour and that they can once again look forward to some small venue intimacy with the master spinner.

Social Dancing

On the eve of the lockdown Wales Outdoors took the dramatic decision, based on my ‘spooky action at a distance’, to re-schedule all events through to the end of June for later on in the year. And that now looks about right, with the lifting of restrictions that, unless there is spike in infection rates and so a return to the draconian measures of late, will begin to unravel as the public quickly push against the boundaries set by central and local government. It looks like we’ll be back out walking with you lot, in line with government advice at the time of course, on the 1st July 🙂

The Government And Police

I think therefore that it is time to, on occasion, explore a little further afield, to leave the parks for those who don’t drive or can’t travel. After all, walking outside to my car and driving a short distance to somewhere where I will see less people than if I were walking the streets and parks of Cardiff has to be a good thing.

From Back In The Day

This is a copy of a post lifted from the old Wales Outdoors blog site. It’s an attack on adventure activity provision in Wales, in particular the dangerous delivery of gorge walking witnessed by Wales Outdoors staff and peer group instructors. Andy campaigned for years within the industry but in the end lost the battle, the large companies having economic power and so an ability to influence policy with the authorities and tourism bodies. This is a key reason for leaving the industry. Andy did not want to be associated with such delivery any longer…