I evidenced multiple companies delivering unsafe gorge walking activities in the waterfalls area on multiple occasions and over multiple years with no authority or group taking notice or seeking improvement. Quite the contrary, the authorities closed ranks and attempted to damage my business for speaking out – that is the reward for whistle blowers.

Little Hitler’s

I will continue to park on the roadside at Mynydd Illtyd common, a handful of times a year. My parking there does no damage to the environment whereas the farmers driving tractors and quads, the sheep and the horses, all of whom travel across the common and in wet conditions too, most certainly do.

WordPress Plugins

The stand alone and simple set cup off the basic Wordpress site is great and works well with many tweaks that can easily be made to customise it to your hearts content. But it is lacking own functionality and that is where the plugins come in. Coded by whoever they offer a world of additional functionality and design that really does take the design of your website to another level.

Go Outdoors

It’s likely that Go Outdoors will be no more… It’s gone for administration. The well liked discount (on occasion) outdoor gear store has fallen to covid. This is exceptionally worrying. And Wales Outdoors loose our partnership and the extra 10% discount for Wales Outdoors members…