The bread and butter of the group and for most what we are here for.

Wales Outdoors provides an active and varied programme of guided walks in South Wales and the Brecon Beacons and sometimes further afield. We guarantee one walk every weekend but often have many more than this scheduled in our calendar of events.

Follow the headlines for links taking you to full descriptions of individual walks:


We have a range of beginner walks, so from about four miles in total and from under four hours long. Think of Penarth to Lavernock or a Four Waterfall Walk. We offer a few shorter walks each month and these as a response to requests for walks that aren’t as tiring as our Eight Waterfalls Walk. These shorter walks are also good for younger walkers.

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These could be regarded as moderate walks but please note that we don’t list walks as easy or moderate or strenuous, these words are subjective and a walk that is easy for one person could be difficult for another. Generally these walks are those that are between five and ten miles in total and are relatively level or have just one long or two short steep ascents. Think the Eight Waterfalls and Pen y Fan for sunset or any day coastal walk.

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Generally the longer walks and walks that aim to summit any mountain top. Think of Andy’s series of 2000ft peak walks or any challenge event or walks such as Pen y Fan from the North. Walks of ten miles or more ought to automatically be regarded as for those that walk regularly and mountain walks certainly are only available to those who have invested in the appropriate personal kit.

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EVERY half term, at Easter and at the beginning of the summer school break we offer one or two walks for Parents and Kids. These walks are for all ages and are designed with plenty of interest along the way. Andy also brings along some games to keep levels of engagement high.

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Do contact Andy for clarification or more detail about a particular route or to discuss your level of fitness and suitability to a walk –

October 2020